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Salary Negotiations

The Jamaica Teachers' Association has the sole bargaining rights of teachers employed in public sector schools. The Association represents most teachers employed in privately owned preparatory institutions and instructors employed to the statutory entity HEART Trust/NTA. Our members enjoy the benefits of full collective bargaining and participate in:

  • The Salaries and Conditions of Service Committee fully reflects all the categories of teachers/instructors of the Association's membership.
  • Direct negotiations with the agencies:
    • Ministry of Finance and the Pubic Service
    • HEART Trust/NTA
    • Boards of respective private institutions
  • The voting process determining whether an offer for settlement is accepted or not. The decision to accept/reject an offer is never the remit of the Association's leadership. Instead it must be determined:
    • at the Annual Conference
    • at a Special Conference called specifically for that purpose, or
    • by a vote by delegates (on, in the case of membership in a specific institution), the total membership in an institution
      Salaries and benefits negotiated on behalf of any category are to be to the benefit of all members.

Salary Guidelines

Understanding Your Payslip