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This award is made in memory of Edith Dalton James who was one of our outstanding leaders. In 1949 she broke the tradition of male presidency of the J.U.T. by becoming the first woman and classroom teacher to become its President. She held that office on four occasions, the last being in 1962. She also served as President of the Caribbean Union of Teachers. This award is presented annually to JTA members with 25 and over years of service to education in Jamaica and have been a member of the JTA for a minimum of 20 years.

Nominations are made by:

  • District Associations
  • Parish Associations
  • Interest Groups e.g. Retired Teachers' Association, JATE, Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica, National Association of Guidance Counsellors.


This Award is made in memory of R.C. Tavares who was president of the J.U.T. in 1956, 1959 and 1963. He was also a member of JETA and a founding member of the JTA. He was involved in the East Kingston District Association and was an inspiration to many teachers. The Award recognizes distinguished and outstanding service to the JTA and education. The Award is presented annually to JTA members who are less than 40 years old and have been teachers for not less than 10 years and a member for at least 7 years.

Nominations are made by:

  • District Associations or Parish Associations or Interest Group, namely, Retired Teachers' Associations, Tertiary, Council of Community Colleges or Guidance Counsellors' Associations.


The Award is made in memory of W.B.C. (Ben) Hawthorne, JTA's first Secretary General. It is done in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the growth of the Jamaica Teachers' Association, education and the building of Jamaica as an independent nation. The Award is presented to JTA members who have given a minimum of 20 years distinguished service to education in Jamaica, JTA and the community. Two awards are made each year - a male and a female.

Nominations are made by:

  • District Associations
  • Parish Associations
  • JTA Departmental Committees - Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Professional Advancement.


The Roll of Honour Award is the most prestigious award given by the JTA. It recognizes outstanding service to the JTA, education and community (national and international). One award is normally presented each year.

Nominations are made by:

  • Parish and District Associations and a special committee of the General Council.


The Golden Torch Award is presented annually to teachers in the public and private systems with 35 years or more of service.


The JTA coordinates the following scholarship programmes. Teachers must be entering the final year of a degree programme at one of the degree granting institutions.

  • Victoria Mutual Building Society Scholarship for Teachers
  • Ginn and Company Scholarship for Teachers
  • A. Wesley Powell Memorial Scholarship for Teachers
  • Sangsters Book Stores Scholarship for Teachers
  • Presidents' Graduate Scholarship

Scholarships are awarded based on students' academic performance, involvement in the JTA, leadership/community involvement, financial needs and interview performance.

The selection committee consists of JTA personnel, a representative of the organization offering the scholarship and a representative of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture.