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The Jamaica Teacher's Association membership break down is as follows:

  • Full Members

    • Full Members shall be teachers in active service in public and private Educational institutions/organisations approved by the Association and retired teachers.
  • Life Members

    • Life Members shall be persons approved as such and paying in a single installment the equivalent annual fees for full membership at the prevailing rate.
  • Honorary Life Members

    • Honorary Life Members shall be Full Members on whom Life Membership is conferred as a special honour by the General Council and Conference.
  • Honorary Members

    • Honorary Members shall be persons of known sympathy with the aims and Objectives of the Association and whose contribution to education identify them as worthy of membership in the Association.
  • Associate Members

    • Associate Members shall be persons accepted as members on special terms with respect to fees but without the right to vote or hold office.
  • Student Members

    • Student Members shall be persons pursuing courses of study in institutions for teacher education or such other institutions as may be approved by the Association.