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Mark Smith
President Elect
Years Served
2023 - 2024

Mark Smith is Principal of Munro College. He comes to the post of President (Elect) of the Jamaica Teachers Association (JTA)as one fully qualified to give the level of support needed by the President.

He has served as an Education officer, as Lead Inspector with the National Education Inspectorate (NEI), and as a lecturer/facilitator with the National College for Educational Leadership (NCEL). He also worked at the National Council on Education.

Over much of his two decades in education, Mr. Smith has served the JTA in various capacities, at both the national and parish level to include as Chairman of the Properties and Business Services Committee as well as a member of other committees including Finance, Professional Advancement, and Teacher Welfare and the Secondary Committee and most recent of which was as Parish President for St Elizabeth (2022-23).