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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dr. Mark Nicely, Principal, William Knibb High School in Trelawny was declared winner of the JTA’s 2012 President Elect Elections.

The ballots were counted today, July 3, 2012, at a Special Meeting of the Central Executive held at the Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort and Spa, Ocho Rios.

The preliminary results are as follows:


  1. Anne Geddes Nelson  -    2, 582
  2. Mark Nicely                   -   10, 736
  3. Joel Scott                      -    2, 035

The new President Elect will be officially proclaimed in August as the President Elect for the new conference year, beginning September 2012. He will assume the Presidency in August 2013.

The voter turnout was approximately 70 percent of the voting membership of the Association.

Meanwhile, speaking at the start of the counting, Secretary General, Dr. Adolph Cameron indicated that it was the first time in his 32 years of service to the JTA that all the ballots distributed to schools were all accounted for.

He congratulated the Regional Officers, Parish Presidents, Returning Officer and other volunteers for a job well done.

And, JTA President, Paul Adams in commending the teachers and volunteers, said, “we do this for the education system…this is what we do” he remarked.
He congratulated the candidates for a well run campaign and for ensuring that a larger than normal number of votes were cast in this year’s elections.

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