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Monday, May 5, 2014

The Ministry of Education is pleased to recognize May 4 – 10 as Education Week 2014. This year’s theme, “Celebrating the Legacy: Activism, Service and Patriotism”, provides an opportunity to celebrate student achievement and recognize the dedication and commitment of our education professionals across Jamaica. We recognize that learning builds a foundation for life and education is society’s greatest equalizer. Educators have the ability to help young people develop into extraordinary citizens and instill strong character attributes such as confidence and self-esteem.


A high-quality education system is the heart and vision for Jamaica. The cornerstone of our education system is the partnership between schools, families, and communities, all of which support children in achieving their potential. The invaluable service provided to the Ministry of Education by the Jamaica Teachers’ Association is of particular significance. The missions of strengthening, reforming and building would have been more difficult without the level of understanding and cooperation displayed even as the association advocates for its teachers. It must be underscored that teachers along with the home, and church, are one of the first avenues through which knowledge is introduced. They foster the foundation upon which hidden talents and abilities are awakened. The information imparted, will influence decisions that can positively or negatively impact the society.

I invite all Jamaicans to celebrate the success of our students and the strengths of our educators during this special week. I use this medium to encourage everyone to embrace the activities associated with this endeavour. I pledge the Ministry of Education’s support and extend best wishes for a successful week.

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