I commend the Jamaica Teachers’ Association for devoting May 5 – 11, 2013, for the observation of Education Week, under the theme, “Advancing the Nation’s Human Capital through Education”.  Education week is an opportunity to celebrate the important role that education plays in building our society. The Government reaffirms and emphasizes the role of education in empowering and developing the young, to become productive citizens of the country and responsive to the needs of the times.

This special week presents a favourable occasion, to advocate for public education and the important role that schools play in communities. It will assure taxpayers that public funds are being put to good use. We invite the public into classrooms for first-hand experiences, to highlight the partnership between teachers, parents and students.

Today, more than ever, teachers are committed to creating an inspired future for every child, to be lifelong learners, with ingenuity, creativity, critical thinking and good citizenship skills.

We also celebrate the invaluable contribution of all teachers, principals, volunteers and our stakeholders in the education enterprise. I pledge the Ministry Of Education’s support and extend best wishes for a successful week of activities. God Bless.

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