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Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Jamaica Teachers Association, JTA has expressed concern and objection to a decision by government to recover close to one billion dollars it says was overpaid to several teachers across the island over the past seven years.

The JTA says some of the alleged overpayments date as far back as 2007.

The issue was raised by Senior Secretary for Member Services at the JTA, Mr. Patrick Smith as he addressed teachers attending the St, Mary Parish Annual meeting at the Brimmervale High school in the parish on the weekend.

According to Mr. Smith the matter is widespread. However in one instance, he came across 6 teachers from central Jamaica who were informed by letter that they owed from a low of 1.2 million dollars to a high of 1.9 million.

Calling the matter uncontainable, Mr. Smith says the JTA will not stand for it.

He says the JTA has subsequently written to the Ministry of Education urging them to respond to their letter quickly as well as to take steps to halt the recovery at this time.

Meanwhile, against the background of five teachers offering themselves to be the next President Elect of the JTA, Director of School’s personnel from the Ministry’s region 2 offices in Montego Bay, Garth Gilmore urged teachers to carefully choose the next tear of leaders for the JTA.

While addressing the St. Mary parish Annual meeting, Mr. Gilmore called on the teachers to choose one of the candidates who display good character and who exhibits qualities of a consummate professional.


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