Nadine Molloy Young
Years Served: 
2010 to 2011

Nadine Molloy assumed the leadership of the Jamaica Teachers' Association, JTA in August 2010, charged with enthusiasm, optimism and energy. She was determined to  help to further lift the profile of the organization, secure due benefits for her teachers and fuel the association's mission of building the capacity of educators.

Months before her installation as the JTA's 46th president, Molloy had concluded that her reign at the helm of the organization would be no crystal stairs. She knew it would have been miles of travelling, a year of planning, months of negotiations and days of preparation for one activity after another.

Now at the end of her tenure Molloy pauses, reflects and send forth gratitude to the thousands who helped to make her administration one of success. "I am extremely grateful to the teachers of Jamaica for their support and can only hope that my efforts proved worthy of their approval," said Molloy while extending deep appreciation to the other members of the JTA family who helped to make the programmes of the association a success for the past conference year.

For Molloy it was one hurdle after another for the administration just ended with the persistent issue of school violence and the protracted wage increase row among the most poignant. But Molloy never relented. "The overwhelming confidence that the teachers of Jamaica resided in me was my utmost inspiration," she said. "I know the conditions under which they work and as such on days I felt that I could not make it, I ultimately did." In fact Molloy says she will forever value the numerous calls from teachers expressing encouragement and support.

Looking back, the outgoing JTA President regards the wage increase matter as one of the most significant issues she had to deal with. She regrets the length of time it took to be resolved, but lists being part of the public sector team that settled on the 7 per cent payment schedule as one of her successes.

"I'm not happy with the compromise that had to be made but I feel that the decision reflected the will of the teachers," she said. "I was able to maintain a balance between defending the rights of the teachers/industrial relations and professional development of the right of the teacher".

Molloy added: "Despite the challenges and differences of opinion, I was able to maintain constant constructive dialogue with the Ministry of Education and other major stake holders - remaining true to the year's theme and the relevant issues in education".

The JTA under her leadership made strides on the global scene, Molloy delivered the UNCSW joint trade union statement on behalf of Education International - Public Service International - Inter Trade Union Confederation at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, (UN CSW 55), 2011: From the Classroom to the Workplace - Positioning Women for Decent Work in the Knowledge Economy. She moderated the inter-union panel discussion event during CSW55. She was also a delegate to Education International's first world women's conference in Bangkok, Thailand as well to its 6th world congress in Cape Town, South Africa.

During her presidency, she embarked on a critical think-tank discussion dubbed "Let's Talk Education" which was supported by leading stakeholders in Jamaica's education system including former Prime Minister and Chancellor of the University of Technology, the Most Honourable Edward Seaga.

In addition Molloy readily recalls that she presided over "Live streaming on the Internet for professional development activities", which she said benefited teachers tremendously.

Added to the successes, she indicates that a counseling centre for teachers and Library research centre were also established.

While she basks in the successes during her presidency, Molloy readily admits that there were a few disappointments during her watch, Molloy said she was disappointed that under her administration, she was not able to start the institutionalizing of the the research component of the association, undertake seminars with principals on how to successfully navigate the industrial relations process as well as start the process of seeking brand rights (intellectual property) for JTA-initiated activities.

But she remains committed to assisting the new administration to help with the further advancement of the JTA. "When you give service you cannot be too prescriptive. If it will make the JTA a better organization, then I am in for the long haul," Molloy committed.

At the outset, Molloy had recognized that there was a need for improved communication and further professional development. That's why under her administration, the JTA-produced radio programme 'Teachers' Time'' and the staging so several workshops and conferences received her attention. From the first Pre-Service Teachers' Symposium - Mentoring of Young Leaders to the reformatted middle management education conference, a Mathematics symposium during education week and the Special Education Summer Institute, Molloy worked tirelessly to boost the professional advancement of those she led last year.

The outgoing president is of the strong view that achieving much success during her stint at the helm of the organization could not have materialized without media support. She remarked "I must thank the media for the extensive coverage, most of which was positive and worthwhile coverage given to education and related issues".

Now as she prepares to return to the Buff Bay High School as principal, she also prepares for her new role in the JTA as Immediate Past President and she pledges to serve with the same fervor that has become the hallmark of her success.

Nadine Antonette Molloy: Reassuring, resurgent, reaching always for the highest.


The President's Report Card

  • Used every opportunity to ensure that the rights of teachers were defended.
  • Started the Strategic Review process that will assist in repositioning the JTA so that it continues to meet the needs of a changing education system as it relates mainly to teachers.
  • Significant increase in the membership of the JTA.
  • Secured subsidized fees for teachers attending annual conference.
  • Successfully dealt with a number of industrial relations issues.
  • Participated in the public sector team that settled the 7% wage issue.
  • Hosted successful professional development activities throughout the year.
  • Regular visits to schools and participated in school related functions.
  • Improved JTA communication with teachers.
  • Launch of the new website.
  • Live streaming of professional development activities on the internet.
  • Launch of the database management systems.
  • 1st pre-service teachers' forum
  • Lecture series launched with Let's Talk Education - Conversations in Education
  • First national tele/broadcast by a president during prime time

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