Jamaica Publishing House Limited


JAMAICA PUBLISHING HOUSE LTD (JPH Ltd) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Jamaica Teachers' Association. The company started in partnership with Macmillan Education (UK) Ltd until it became a limited liability company in 1975. At that time the Jamaica Teachers' Association acquired all the shares held by that company, JPH Ltd is supervised by a Board of Directors which directs the policies and programmes of the company.

Why Jamaica Publishing House Ltd?

Jamaica Publishing House Ltd was formed as a result of the need for textbooks in schools that were Caribbean in focus and content. It is a company primarily committed to publishing educational books for the pre-primary to tertiary levels. West Indians have been and are being encouraged to write and produce books that are suitable for students in the region.

As much as possible, JPH Ltd tries to use West Indian authors, artists, book designers and production personnel in the development of our books.

Promotion & Sales

The company is registered as a certified exporter with JAMPRO and the CARICOM market is targeted as we promote and sell in the region. Most of our sales are generated in the local market where we promote actively in schools and bookshops island-wide.

Some of the subjects published are English, Mathematics, Music, Drama, Office Procedures, Social Science, Geology, English Literature, Social Studies and Home Economics, just to name a few. Three of our Social Studies textbooks -Our Home in the Caribbean Books 1, 2 and 3 -have been adopted by the Ministry of Education & Culture as part of the Primary Textbook Project which is administered in primary schools.

The Future

As Jamaica Publishing House Ltd positions itself for future growth we invite writers who have written educational books and want to get published or writers who are interested in working on the development of textbooks to satisfy the Ministry of Education & Culture's Curriculum for primary and secondary schools to contact us without delay. Our aim is to produce new publications as we seek to increase our stock list to meet the new millennium. As we face the challenges that will be evident with the technological changes impacting on our businesses and our lives in the future, we shall be taking the necessary measures to ensure that we remain a viable entity in a competitive market.

Why not give us a call today or stop by our offices to view the display of books that we have published and are distributing at the address.


JTA Co-Operative Credit Union Limited

Early Days

The JTA Co-Operative Credit Union Limited (JTACCUL) was brought into being as a central unit designed to meet the needs of all teachers. Mr. W. S. A Johnson, a teacher at the Wait-A Bit School in Trelawny has the distinction of being the man to move the resolution to bring the JTA Credit Union into being. Mr. D. C Gascoigne, a teacher at Kings All Age School in Westmoreland, seconded the motion at the Conference of the Jamaica Union of Teachers in January 1959.


From the beginning, the JTACCUL has been blessed by the strong leadership of the founding fathers, volunteers and committees, contributing much to the building of a strong and viable entity.

Mr. Desmond C. Gascoigne, a founding father, later became the first president and served in a number of roles, including a volunteer on the Board of Directors, for a total of twenty-eight years. Mr. Gascoigne also served as the General Manager, a post he accepted in April 1977.

Among the other early stalwarts of the Credit Union were Myrtle Irving, WSA Johnson, C.L Stuart and G.W Little. In addition, the other presidents were the late Isaac S. W. Henry and the late Rev. U.C. Wolfe, W. Titus and R. K. Ellis.

First Board of the J.T.A. Co-Op Credit Union Ltd

The first Board of the Credit Union was formed in July 1959 and comprised five members. They were as follows:

    ♦  Mr. D. C. Gascoigne  -  President
    ♦  Mr. C. L. Stuart  -  Vice President
    ♦  Mr. W. S. A. Johnson  -  Treasurer
    ♦  Mr. G. W. Little  -  Secretary
    ♦  Mr. D. A. Samuels  - Director

In 1961 the Board was increased from five to seven during which time Rev. U. C. Wolfe and Mr. W. A. Titus became members of the Board.

Visit the JTA Credit Union website

District Branches

District Branches were established to provide service to the members island-wide. A minimum of ten members formed a District Branch. A functional District had to be commissioned by the Board of Directors and each would name a delegate to represent the District at the Annual General Meeting.  Each District had a Credit Committee which vetted loan applications and these were sent to the Board of Directors to be acted upon.

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