Corporal punishment is now a topical issue in Jamaica and the world. As it turns out, it is not an illegal activity, but many Jamaicans believe it should be banned.
As members of the JTA how do you feel about:
1. Corporal punishment?
2. Is the discussion being used to vilify teachers?
3. Should the JTA be more aggressive for or against it?
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BlackBird on Mon, 07/23/2018 - 09:32

I believe that corporal punishment enforces the idea that violence is the way to solve problems and so I believe that it should not be used in schools.  The argument that it was used to raise the older folks and they are better off for it is moot; I guess the question is: Are we really better off for it; or is it manifesting itself in the level of violence we are seeing in our society?

Is the discussion being used to vilify teachers?  I'm not sure I understand the question. Maybe sometimes teachers need to take a step back and ask: Should our actions not be questioned just as the actions of other professionals?
JTA should be against capital punishment. JTA should be for behaviours that celebrate the incremental achievements of students, and those that help a student to understand what good work looks like, what their personal gaps are, and how to close the gap. JTA should be for behaviours that facilitate teacher development and teacher rights, even while promoting teacher responsibility and accountability.

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