JTA President 2017-2018, Georgia Waugh-Richards

World Teachers Day Message

Publication Date: 
Thursday, October 5, 2017


Happy World Teachers’ Day to you.  

This year, October 5, 2017 is being observed as World Teachers Day. I want to say to my colleagues right across the world and in particular Jamaica, that this is a time when we stop to pay special recognition to all teachers and the yeoman's job that they have done and the part they have been playing in nation-building. 

Colleagues, even as we celebrate World Teachers’ Day, we take time to reflect on the displacement and loss suffered by many of our colleagues on neighboring Caribbean islands as well as parts of America. We grieve with them and pledge our support in whatever way we can.

The theme this year is: “Teaching in Freedom, Empowering our Teachers”. Colleagues this year we want to join the fight against crime and violence to ensure that we can teach in Freedom, we can spend more time imparting knowledge rather than trying to eradicate undesirable behaviors. 

Colleagues, I want all teachers to recognize that you are foundational; you are important to every achievement of our nation and all the nations across the world and therefore, I want you to understand that you are powerful people, your important people in the whole process of nation-building. As we celebrate this very important day on October 5, I want to wish you  all the very best. I want to say thanks to all teachers on behalf of all professions because indeed, teaching is the profession of all professions; the mother of all professions. We make it possible for everyone else so, feel empowered, feel special it is your day.

All the best to you. Happy World Teachers’ day and God be with you.

Georgia Waugh Richards

Jamaica Teachers’ Association


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