Pringle Home benefits from JTA Vilma Lawes Munroe Run at Carron Hall:

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Jamaica Teachers Association on Tuesday, June 20 handed over a cheque valued at $75,000 to the Pringle Home for Children in Carron Hall, St. Mary.

The money represents part proceeds from the JTA Vilma Lawes-Munroe 5K run/walk which took place from Boscobel to Oracabessa (James Bond Beach) on Saturday May 13, 2017.

The event was held in memory of Vilma Lawes-Munroe a stalwart teacher, JTA member, sports enthusiast and community patriarch who died ten years ago, April 2007.

Devon Meek, JTA Regional Officer North East said "It was the Presidents' idea to a have 5K walk/run in her memory with a three pronged objective, to commemorate the passing of  Lawes-Munroe;  to make a contribution to a public institution and establish a health and wellness programme for teachers".

President of JTA Howard Isaacs in addressing the audience said "We are here to honour a woman who made a significant impact on education”.

He added that “the vision that we (JTA) have is to do an activity of this kind at all times to raise funds to assist our colleagues who need assistance from time to time with health issues”.

Mr. Isaacs said a number of teachers are dying from lifestyles diseases which have developed because of ‘how we live our lives’.

“We had this 5k run/walk and the next time around we are going to have a bigger, better one. We have been working along with the National Health Fund on a drive that is seeking data on what is happening to our colleagues in the field. So far we have collected some data in the field and we need some more information as to what is happening to our colleagues. I am encouraging my colleagues to watch their diet and practice healthy lifestyles”. He further pointed out.
Meanwhile, Mr. Isaacs announced that the JTA’s contribution to the Pringle Home is seed money to help the home provide for its wards and that the Association would be looking to do something more  come next year. 
Josephine Lynch Interim Director in response said "We are grateful for this token and it will go a far way in assisting the girls in developing their skills and education. We do appreciate it".


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