President's Teachers' Day Message

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, May 8, 2019

I deem it a great pleasure to wish you all my colleagues a very Happy Teachers’ Day. Today marks a significant moment in Education Week. It represents a time for parents, students and indeed the nation to pause and salute the hard work and dedication of Jamaica’s most resilient nation builders- our teachers. Our work and worth cannot be over emphasized, thus we deserve all the accolades and recognition possible.

It is our task to shape minds, inspire hope, transform communities and create productive citizens, who are equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitude to contribute to the local and globalized community in which we live. These are tasks we have been committed to as we live a life of service to others.

As we celebrate and reflect, we should be mindful that our Supreme Teacher has called us to be co-workers with him. Consequently, we must be conscious that we are part of a profession that is the mother of all professions. As such, we must seek to safeguard this noble vocation by being the consummate professionals in all our endeavors. Let us recommit ourselves today to the theme for the conference year; “promoting the teaching profession: a beacon of hope and inspiration to the nation”.

As we think of the many challenges that confront us as teachers, let us seek wisdom and vision as we influence minds and conscience for the future. Finally, continue to teach in love as we shape the world.

Once again…Happy Teachers’ Day my colleagues and may we continue to unite and serve.

Dr. Garth Anderson
President - 2018-2019

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