President's Message for Teachers' Day

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Happy Teachers’ Day!

Today, we celebrate the invaluable contribution of the “bedrock of our society”, our teachers. This celebration is symbolic of the awareness, appreciation and admiration for our teachers and the vital contribution that they make to nation building.

All stakeholders are being encouraged to participate in the various activities planned to celebrate teachers, both past and present.  We salute these individuals who have gone beyond the call of duty to mentor, inspire and empower those who came under their charge. The efforts of these unsung heroes should never be taken for granted.

The monumental contribution of teachers to national development can never be overstated. Many stories of sacrifice and inspiration go untold about the immense influence of the Jamaican teacher, of how value is added to the lives of children and how they have rescued individuals from crime, decadence and other challenging situations.   As we celebrate Teachers’ Day under the theme “Navigating the Education Landscape: Transforming, Engaging, Collaborating, Facilitating and Leading”, it brings into focus salient features of the effective teacher and highlights the comprehensive role they play in the education of the nation.

We continue to remind our colleagues to be the consummate professional that they ought to be and they should not be daunted by the challenges they face on a daily basis. Instead, we wish to encourage you to be resolute and resilient as your role is crucial to elevating the nation’s educational output. Therefore, on this special day and the ensuing days, we urge all well-thinking Jamaicans to do more than just mention our teachers in a passive way, but rather find meaningful ways of reminding them of how much you appreciate the impact they have had on you and the society.

Again, Happy Teachers’ Day Colleagues!  Let us continue to Unite and Serve.

Howard R. Isaacs, JP


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