Media Release - JTA Reacts to Student's and Parent's Death

Publication Date: 
Friday, November 16, 2018

It is with a deep feeling of sadness, that we express to the John Rollins Success Primary School our deepest sympathy. The tragic passing of three (3) students and a parent in the motor vehicle accident on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 no doubt has shaken the resolve of the school community.  Our prayers and support therefore go out to the families of the deceased who are still trying to fully understand this shocking event.

As an Association, we want to seriously encourage drivers on our nation’s roads to be mindful of the increasing number of persons being killed on the nation’s roads and to display a greater degree of discipline as they traverse on the roads.  This is important in order to save lives and, in this instance, preserve our innocent children. 

We fully support all efforts including the recently passed Road Traffic Act, which we  hope will help to stem the tide of careless and reckless driving on our roads.

Garth O. Anderson


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