Mrs. Georgia Waugh Richards

Media Release

Publication Date: 
Monday, April 27, 2020

Re: Deaths of the following Women: Jodian Fearon, Colleen Walker and the Disappearance of Jasmine Deane

The Women's Caucus of the Jamaica Teachers' Association is alarmed about how some of our women have been treated over time and we make specific reference to the callous way in which Ms. Jodian Fearon, a pregnant mother has been treated, the brutal murder of Ms. Colleen Walker, VP Excelsior High school and the disappearance of Ms. Jasmine Deane, Visually impaired student of UWI, Mona.

The JTA's Women's Caucus would like to know what Protocols are in place for pregnant mothers and  persons with other types of illnesses during this COVID19 Pandemic.  We also call on the Government to ensure that every health facility (Private or other wise) be mandated to  adequately prepare their facilities to receive and deal appropriately with suspected COVID19 patients and ALL persons who are ill and in distress.

The JTA’s Women’s Caucus is demanding that the family receives justice, after Ms. Fearon was inhumanely treated which could have led to her subsequent death.

Furthermore, we urge the relevant investigative authorities to conduct a thorough probe into this situation and to provide timely answers to the public.

The JTA stands in solidarity with the family and  call on all well thinking Lawyers and Medical Practitioners to speak out and to collaborate with the family to ensure #JUSTICE for Jodian. We pray for her young daughter and her other family members.

We call on all Jamaicans to protect our women. Let us Continue to “Unite and Serve”.

For further information please

Mrs.Georgia Waugh Richards- Chairman, JTA's Women's Caucus
Tel:875 564-8769
Email: ([email protected])   

Dr.Charmaine E.Gooden Monteith (Advisor to the Caucus)
Deputy Secretary General, JTA & Advisor to the Women’s Caucus
Tel: 876 881-7166
Email:[email protected]

Leaon Nash
Public Relations Officer
Tel.: 874-8162  
Email: [email protected]

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