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JTA calls Education Minister’s comments, ‘Unfortunate’

Publication Date: 
Friday, August 4, 2017

The Jamaica Teachers’ Association JTA, views as very unfortunate, comments made by the Minister of Education, Senator, the Honourable Ruel Reid, where he named some schools and accused them of corruption and extortion in the charging of auxiliary fees.

“We believe that these comments will serve no useful purpose than to create animosity and confrontation and could also destroy the integrity of schools Boards and administrators.”

The JTA strongly recommends that the Minister withdraws these unfortunate statements and encourages continued dialogue and consultations with the schools in order to arrive at an amicable resolution to the issues at hand.

“The JTA cannot, and will not condone any action that deprives students of their education and would therefore urge school administrators to do all in their powers to ensure that the relationship with the parents and community, as well as the MoE, Youth and Information and other stakeholders, remain cordial”.

The JTA reminds all Jamaicans that “Education is everybody’s business”.

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Mr. Byron Farquharson
Secretary General
Jamaica Teachers’ Association
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Mr. Leaon Nash
Officer, Communication & Public Relations
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