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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Two parishes in the JTA's South East region were on Friday, January 18, crowned winners of the association’s Annual Football and Netball Competitions. The Two parishes, St. Andrew and St. Catherine, participated in what many deemed a battle of the titans and the successful staging of the activity.

Four teams participated in the 2019 staging of the finals - part of which was played under the lights at the St. Elizabeth Technical High school grounds. After a nail-biting match up in the dim lights of the setting sun, the south east parish, St Catherine and the teachers were crowned champions of the JTA Netball competition after they defeated St James 21-19. Scores per quarter: St Catherine 5-4; second quarter St. James led 10-9; third quarter St. James 17-12 but St. Catherine rallied in the 4th quarter scoring 9 goals to St. James 2.

In the football final played under the lights, St Andrew clipped Westmoreland 5-4 in penalty shoot out after playing to a 1-1 at the end of regulation and extra time.

See images showing some highlights of the presentation

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